The Top Benefits of Marquee Tents for Events

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There are countless items that can end up on your to-do list when you are planning an event. The most important, regardless of the event, is where you will hold it. Large events call for big open spaces, but these can be hard to find in the form of permanent structures. Hiring a venue can also prove to be prohibitively expensive.

One of the most affordable and flexible solutions is using a marquee tent on an open property. You can set up almost anywhere, and quality tents will even withstand inclement weather with the right planning.

Tents provide significant benefits, and there are some that you may not have even considered. Before you sign-off on the plans for your next event, consider the benefits of hosting it under the canopy of an Anchor Tent.

You’ll Have Complete Freedom to Decorate and Create a Custom Layout

When you hire a hall or other building to host an event, you’ll be limited in terms of both layout and decoration. This can compromise your vision of the event and leave you less than satisfied with the result.

By investing in modular commercial tents, you will have complete freedom to create a floor plan and layout that suits your needs. You could even link multiple structures with marquee walkways that are fully covered both by a canopy and modular wall panels.

Marquee Tents are Perfect for Larger Crowds

Even with meticulous planning, you might not know exactly how many people will show up to an event. This is especially true for trade shows, community events, and open fairs or markets.

Marquee tents allow you to set up an affordable and large space with excess capacity. With clear span tents, you can maximize space because you won’t have to worry about center poles interfering with your layout. Modern tents are particularly roomy, and some designs can even be air-conditioned to provide comfort for all your guests.

Hiring a venue leaves you at the mercy of the original designers. With tents, you’re virtually unrestricted in how much floor space you can create. Double decker designs can even double your available space with a second floor for the largest private and public events.

Pack-down and Cleanup is Easier

Cleaning up a large community hall or other specialized events center can be a headache. In addition to trash removal, you may also have to have the floors, walls, and amenities all cleaned before you can get your deposit back. Some events organizers are willing to take on this extra work, but the cost can be prohibitive for smaller companies. Even if you can afford to take care of the extra cleanup, why would you want to take away from your bottom line?

Keeping commercial marquee tents in your inventory could eliminate many of the cleanup tasks that are typical of permanent locations. This benefit will become apparent if you hold multiple events in a single calendar year.

Custom Branding Becomes a Reality

Leasing a location for your next event could come with a significant caveat: naming rights!

Some locations require that you use specific corporate branding when promoting your own event. This leaves your own brand and your sponsors as second-tier names. This is clearly not ideal when it comes to marketing your company.

When you hire an open-air venue and erect your own tents, you can use any branding that you need for the event. You could even have the branding incorporated into tent canopies and wall sections with full-color high-resolution printing.

When it comes to building your business, the brand is everything. With your own marquee tent, you’ll always be able to put your name front and center.

Large Events Made Easy with Anchor Inc.

Satisfy all your needs for capacity, branding, shelter, layout, and aesthetic when you plan your next event. Anchor marquee tents are made to exceed the industry standards, with innovative designs that are more versatile than the competition. Offer your custom tents for hire or keep an inventory of tents and accessories for your own in-house events.

We offer custom solutions with branding available on our most popular models. Explore our tents today and enjoy the benefits of versatile events hosting solutions.