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Have It All With Anchor Tents

As one of the industry leaders in the production of commercial tents and accessories, tent manufacturer Anchor Industries, Inc. sets the bar for quality, design, and innovation. Anchor specializes in manufacturing high-quality event tents and fabric structures for industry, business, residential, wedding, and recreational uses.

Anchor’s High Peak Tension Tents or “Century®” tents, are large, engineered tents offering a high peak profile and are an excellent choice for glamorous, upscale, red carpet events. With elegant peaks, lofty ceilings and spacious interiors, the overall quality and visual appeal of Century Tension Tents makes them perfectly suited for high-end parties, galas, weddings, private affairs, and corporate events.

The Navi-Trac® Frame Tent System is the most versatile in its class. Tent manufacturer, Anchor, incorporates modular construction into Navi-Trac®, a detail enabling fabric panels to slide through channeled beams, making installations faster and much more simplified. With their smooth, weather tight fit, and maximum stability, Navi-Trac® Frame Tents are smart, solid additions to any renter’s inventory.

As the most innovative track frame tent available from a tent manufacturer, F3 is noted for simplicity, strength, grace, and value. For stylish impact, the sturdy, yet light, fluted extrusion features three keder tracks, with an accessory track in every frame member. F-Stop latches require no tools or pins, and provide a safe and easy junction point. To simplify logistics, F3 features interchangeable parts across sizes.

While the beautifully translucent, luminous fabric glows by day, and radiates among its surroundings at night, Anchor’s Aurora is no “fair weather tent.” For peace of mind, Anchor’s renowned quality and engineering expertise provide enhanced protection and security. The patent pending, revolutionary WeatherShield wall attachment technology eliminates gaps that let in wind and rain—without the need for a valance or other visual disturbance to disrupt the sleek, catenary eave line. Aurora gorgeously and uniquely provides protection from the elements.

Unlike tension and pole tents, frame tents do not use center poles and therefore, have an open and airy feel with unobstructed views. They also allow maximum use of the interior space and endless decorating opportunities. Anchor’s Fiesta® frame tents work well for any outdoor installation. Their versatility and size make them perfect for 100- to 200-person events, catering operations, street fairs and sporting events.

Browse our online inventory to familiarize yourself with Anchor’s product offerings and find an event rental store near you. And specifically ask your rental resource for items by Anchor—the tent manufacturer that stands above the rest.