Pool Covers

Anchor Industries, Inc. has been the leading innovator of safety pool covers for 40 years. For example, our mesh pool covers feature super-supportive webbing sewn to the underside for extraordinary strength—and our solid vinyl is coated (not laminated) for longer life. We also provide a turn-key replacement cover program, and stand behind every cover we manufacture. What’s more, in today’s era of creatively-designed pools, custom and irregularly shaped pool covers are an Anchor specialty.

Your preferences are important to us. Do you winterize with mesh pool covers? Do you prefer the super dependable protection of solid pool covers? Anchor Industries proudly offers our customers the very best product lines for these various cover materials—we’re here to satisfy your style preferences, without ever sacrificing the homeowner’s safety.

Anchor’s Solid Classic and 5-Star Solid Safety Covers contain super strong fabrics that resist tears, rips, sun damage, and the effects of chlorine. These amazing pool covers even block ALL sunlight from a pool. This feature inhibits algae growth, ensures incredibly easy clean up in the spring, and helps keep a pool area attractive all year. Each of these pool covers is relatively easy to install and remove, plus both the Classic Pool Cover and the 5-Star Pool Cover come with a Limited 10-year warranty.

And we offer even more choices. Anchor Mesh and Defender® Mesh Safety Covers are lighter in weight and a bit easier to maneuver than their solid counterparts. Defender® Mesh reduces chemical loss from the water, and stops 98% of the sunlight, which helps prevent the growth of algae in a clean, chemically-treated and balanced chlorinated pool water.

For residential and commercial safety pool covers that are easy to install, provide water safety, and help to maintain a clean-to-pristine pool for spring openings, experience the difference 40 years of Anchor experience makes.