Clear Span Structures

Together with Röder/AG, we proudly offer the industry’s most comprehensive selection of clear span structures certified to meet current codes. This important achievement is accomplished through excellence in German design and engineering, combined with Anchor’s renowned US sales and engineering teams, lean manufacturing practices, as well as distribution and unparalleled service. The ultimate result of this collaborative dynamic is an impressive range of clear span structures delivering outstanding performance and unmatched value.

Whatever your needs, Anchor/Röder clear span structures offer a multitude of options to perfectly satisfy your requirements. Our PZ (Party) Series is ideal for small gatherings, walkways, for use as service tents at large events, for adding space at restaurants, and providing coverage in small areas. Expanding into the clear span market? The Venue Series is your solution for both short- and long-term usage. For larger uses, choose our Event Series for weddings, corporate functions, meetings, hospitality rooms at sporting events, or adding space at country clubs and resorts. Even bigger needs? Our hugely popular Expo Series easily covers commercial applications, trade shows, corporate meetings, and warehousing. The category even includes Double Decker tents for sporting events and special applications where space requirements and/or viewing opportunities are crucial. To handle your largest event and storage needs, our H-Line Series provides flexible, temporary space with safety and style—it’s ideal for production or assembly applications. When your project demands a more long-term installation, the Solution Series is the answer. Featuring expandable lengths, extremely customizable options, and impressive strength, these structures offer temporary space for storage, trade fairs, exhibitions, and motor sports events. Want to double your available square footage without increasing your footprint? The Double Decker series is built with the same modular components as our clear span tents, and offers a wide range of sizes, wall and ceiling materials, plus seating choices. These 2-story fabric structures are great for large events. Another excellent choice is the AnchorSpan® clear span modular fabric structure that’s lightweight yet durable. It’s a balance of cost and beauty, ease and effectiveness, as well as freedom of design and system interchangeability. AnchorSpan® is great for sporting events, trade shows, meetings, and corporate functions.

With so many choices for Clear Span Structures, Anchor is your ultimate choice.