Awnings and Canopies Ideal for Your Needs

If you have an outdoor patio space that you’d like to use more often, are trying to attract customers to your business, or are interested in increasing the value of your home, installing awnings or canopies may be the right choice for you.

Installation of Anchor window, door, or patio awnings is the practical, inexpensive way to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home or business. Did you know Anchor Residential Awnings increase the overall market value of a home by enhancing its architectural silhouette? And no older home is truly restored without the graceful practicality of awnings. Anchor awnings also add eye-catching curb appeal when selling a home.

Benefits of awnings

Combining functional excellence with decorative charm, Anchor awnings protect windows, window treatments, interior furnishings, art collections, entrances, and exterior features from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Additionally, this buffer from the sun’s heat promotes significant energy savings. And don’t overlook outdoor seating areas—a patio or deck space is incomplete without the style and comfort of an awning or patio canopy. Anchor offers an array of options that can be custom designed to cover areas of any size—and they’re easy to install and maintain.

Adding awnings or canopies to your home or business can go a long way toward improving the function of your space and enhancing the value of the property. Some of the primary benefits of awnings and canopies include:

  • Adding living space or entertainment space: Adding an awning to your home or business extends the usable entertaining or living space of your property and makes the outdoors more accessible. While you may already have a backyard patio or outdoor seating area, these spaces become unusable on rainy or extremely hot days. A canopy protects you or your guests from the rain and harmful UV rays, making for a more enjoyable outdoor experience.
  • Increasing your home’s value: Adding a patio awning to your home both improves your enjoyment of the space and helps provide a selling point for your property if you decide to sell. Home buyers are searching for properties where they can envision themselves settling in and the idea of relaxing on a patio free from the sun’s rays or rain is a great way to paint that picture.
  • Reducing energy costs: Awnings on your home or business can help shield your property from the sun’s rays, cutting down on cooling costs in the summer.
  • Improving your visibility: As a business, adding an awning with your logo on it to your entryway or windows can help draw attention to your business and attract customers.

Residential awnings

At Anchor Industries, we carry a wide range of residential awnings to complete your patio space, protect your windows, or enhance your property value. Anchor Industries awnings and canopies add to the value of your home, protect draperies and furnishings from fading, create shaded living spaces in your yard, and add distinguished beauty to your property. We carry hundreds of beautiful fabrics for you to choose from. We’re ready to help you craft a custom-designed awning for your home.

Commercial awnings and canopies

Whether you’re interested in covering your outdoor seating area with a canopy or upping your store’s visibility with logo-decked awnings, Anchor Industries awnings and canopies are the way to go. Anchor awnings offer the perfect solution for displaying your brand and enhancing the visibility and presence of any business. Custom branded commercial awnings by Anchor provide efficient weather protection, reduce overhead, and drive revenue by making it easier for customers to find a business. We have hundreds of beautiful fabrics for you to choose from, helping you develop your branding and draw in new customers.

EZ Connect Frame System

Thanks to our Anchor in-house engineering team, awnings just got smarter. The EZ Connect Frame System is Anchor’s newest innovation in awning frames. Uniquely designed with aluminum tubing, EZ Connect awning frames are shipped unassembled, allowing for lower pricing, lower shipping costs, less warehouse space, and easier installation at the job site. Here’s more good news: on average, EZ Connect saves 14% – 53% in freight costs. (Savings are based on delivery destination.) Now, there’s no more risking worker injury or damaging the product by trying to install one giant, heavy frame. EZ Connect installs simply and easily in sections, which results in safer, faster installation – and without all the equipment. Great for residential and commercial applications.

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